Lıve Wıth Emotıons

Lıve Wıth Emotıons


Our book, which was prepared under the surveillance of expert educators, is primarily for the kindergarten and
for the first and second grades of primary school. Our book has been prepared on the question “How can children
be educated by combining mind and heart?” In the book, the first of the five components of EQ (Emotional
Intelligence), which is as important as IQ in today’s world, is told to our children with a story: Recognizing our
emotions, being able to notice the messages our emotions give. Because of it is aimed for our children to learn by
having fun and more permanently, the concepts related to our emotions are given with mind and intelligence
games and robotic codifications. Our book aims at cognitive acquisitions such as acquiring concept information
such as numbers and shapes, do analysis, evaluation, problem solving, to decide, multidimensional thinking,
developing different perspectives, focusing, concentration, acquire formal and visual perception skills, spatial
perception, algorithm, supporting arithmetic and literacy development. In addition self-confident, following the
rules, patient, taking responsibility, affective gains such as raising individuals who continue to struggle
undeterred in the unsucces, hand-eye coordination, psychomotor gains such as improving attention skills are
aimed. Hereby our book that will guide our teachers, students and parents, our children will both have a lot of fun
and learn.
IT SHOULD NOT FORGETTEN THAT; there is only one truth that scientific research on success has
reached: Successful people are those who can make decisions


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